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since 1985

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Sola Salons are studios for hair dressers. I have a single person studio within the Sola Salon. My Studio is in the front window immediately left of the front doors. 

Our Sola is in Friendly Center across from Barnes & Noble, in the same parking lot where the O2 Fitness building is located, and is between Chuck E. Cheese and Caribou Coffee. This is the same parking lot where     

the old Tex & Shirley's use to be.

My fee is a flat fee, and will remain so. I do not accept tips, but I will accept a Christmas gift. My fee's are based on my years of experience, continuing education in all matters hair, my level of expertise, rent,       

equipment cost, and product cost.

Is your hair important to you? 

Your hair is to me!

I will listen to you, and hear you! That’s my #1 job as a stylist.


(Call or text)

Specializing in colors and cuts.

(color is to include all coloring and lightening services)

Certified Colorist by Joico & Matrix


I have new color lines by Rusk and Joico.

Normal processing on gray hair is anywhere from 35 to sometimes 60 minutes. These new lines cover gray, and process in 10 minutes. Yes, you read that right: 10 minutes. Your gray can be gone in 10 minutes. Call today for your appointment.

Ok... lets talk color... a root touch up or base is less than 1" of regrowth. Going lighter, then it's half an inch of regrowth. Normal highlights, balayage, toners, etc... are done on virgin or professionally colored/lightened hair. Color will not lift color. If you have a dark hair color in your hair it cannot be lightened with hair color. It must be removed with bleach (aka; lightener.)

Now lets talk CORRECTIVE COLOR. If you have three or four or five different colors in your hair causing banding, stripes, dots, lines, patches, or anything else... to return it to one color or to make it look normal, this is corrective color. If you tried to lighten your hair, or do your own highlights, and it looks awful and you want a hair dresser to make it normal; this is corrective color. If you have box color in your hair and you have done it once, or twice, or three times, and/or you have put it all over your head every time causing excessively porous ends; this is corrective color. If you put box color in your hair a year ago, it is still on the midshaft and ends. This is corrective color.

Box color is a nightmare to remove from hair. It does not lift out the same as professional color and it does not lift the same as virgin hair. If you have used boxed color, always tell your stylist before they perform any chemical service on your hair.

The first man I worked for as a hair dresser told me of something which happened to him early in his career. He did a perm on a woman and she didn't tell him about the henna (a type of hair color) which was in her hair. Doing a perm involves wrapping hair around rods, applying a perm solution, and unwrapping various rods to check for full development of the perm so as not to over process the hair. After several rod checks, the rods started to fall off her head... with hair still attached. What the woman didn't know was that henna and perm don't play nicely together. As I understand it, she ended up with less than a half inch of hair left on her head.

I have never had something like this happen to me. What you just read is why something like this has never happened to me. Call it an over abundance of caution, or anything else you like. I communicate, and I make sure I know what is in your hair. I don't want this to happen to you. We hair dressers go to school many hours and do lots of continuing education. This is why we get paid to do this for a living. It takes an understanding of many facets of hairdressing, one of which is some chemistry; ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO HAIR COLOR. If you do it yourself, and it doesn't come out well, expect to pay for CORRECTIVE HAIR COLOR SERVICES from a stylist.

Box color: JUST SAY NO! The cost you'll pay to fix it, isn't worth any amount you think you'll save.

704-A Pembroke Rd Greensboro, NC 27408

I am located at the new 

Sola Salon at Friendly Center.

It is in the row of shops behind Qdoba & behind where Tex & Shirley's use to be, 

which is now a  two story gym. 

It is across the street from the Barnes & Noble, between Caribou Coffee and Chuck E. Cheese.

I'll be in unit 118. It is the front window left of the front doors, first unit on the left.

See below for the progression in pictures. 

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Certified Colorist by Joico & Matrix.

Licensed since 1986.

Beauty & Barber school educated.

Bachelors Degree U. of Md.

Continuous education all things hair.

Color, Hilites/Lowlites, Cuts, Keratin Treatments, Perms, Roller Sets, Updo's, Straightening Blow Dry's, Relaxers, & more!​

My studio at Sola Salon in 

Friendly Center 

Wow! Almost three years has flown by. This is one of the best moves I have ever made. I have my own studio within the Sola Salon. This concept is basically apartments for hair dressers. It is a fabulous concept. I have privacy with my clients and they have privacy with me. We have as little or as much privacy as is desired. I’m right inside the front window next to the front doors. Blinds can be drawn for as much privacy as be desired, or left up for people watching; your choice.

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